About the Site/Author

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About the Site

The Orrery web site was written and created by Andrew Harmsworth back in 1997 and has been regularly updated ever since.

The planetary descriptions were originally provided with Spacetech's excellent Orrery solar system simulation software. With their permission the descriptions were brought up to date then used as the basis for the Orrery website about the solar system.

Since then the site has grown to include a great many bodies not included in the original software, and indeed now stretches far beyond the solar system.

About the Author

Andrew Harmsworth is Head of Physics at The Leys School in Cambridge. He has taught Physics and Cosmology since 1996 and also runs the award-winning GCSE.com revision and tutorials website.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and drives a petrol-electric hybrid Honda Civic IMA; he thinks that more people should do so.