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Within days of it being reported to Photodesk, here is the upgrade required to make Orrery function under RISC OS 4: Update.

spkPlanet Descriptions

I wrote these updates because I felt that Orrery's descriptions were somewhat dated, and inconsistent. Fully updated, here they are: Orrery Updates.

spksetOrrery Setup Files

I have devised a selection of Setup files for Orrery. These are of general interest, but will be useful for schools: Setup Files.

Here's a special one for the Venus Transit of 8th June 2004! File compressed with !Squash.

spkspriteOrrery Graphics Files

I have manipulated recent Hubble Space Telescope images of Uranus and Pluto for inclusion in Orrery. Much better than an artist's impression... I have also included updates to the description files for the two planets: Graphics Files.

spkImpDocOrrery Lesson Notes

A complete set of professionally-written teaching notes for GCSE and pre-GCSE use, in Impression Publisher format : Orrery Lessons

(To download a free copy, see Computer Concepts' website)

If you teach GCSE-level Astronomy, you might be interested in the GCSE Help page. If you are teaching A-level Astrophysics or Cosmology, you should check out the A-level Help page.

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Mythical Planet Icons

Each of the planets has a symbol to represent them. Hand-drawn, I have made the files available in various formats. Click on the image for a 10K GIF.
Icons imp






RISC OSSoftware Links

PC link: free ephemeris software.

The software below is all for RISC OS. If you have a PC or Mac, I recommend that you get Redshift 4. There are more PC/Mac titles here.

If you have software that you want linked, email me!


Sun | Mercury | Venus | Earth | Moon | Mars | Asteroids | Jupiter | Saturn | Uranus | Neptune | Pluto | Kuiper