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Here is a collection of astronomy-related software that you can order on-line from Amazon, with brief reviews of each. Much of this I use extensively when teaching astronomy as part of the UK GCSE and A-level courses. There are other software titles linked to here.


The solar system simulator for RISC OS that inspired this entire website! Unfortunately, it is not available for PCs or Macs, just RISC OS computers (Acorns). For a full review, click here.

Now only £20, from Photodesk Ltd.

Redshift 5

The next best thing after Orrery, if you don't own a RISC OS computer! Redshift is a universe simulator with bells and whistles, allowing you to explore beyond the solar system. In fact, see the night sky from any point in space at any time! Designed for both novices and professionals, this is an exceptional piece of software that just keeps getting better. Get Redshift 5 today, now for less than £20!

Top Right ^^


A Brief History Of Time

Steven Hawking's ground-breaking book turned into a fun yet educational presentation! Theories are illustrated with graphics, animation, video, audio voice-overs and text.

Also available: the book.

Discover Astronomy

Discover Astronomy brings you 50 highly accurate space simulations. Nine narrated, animated 2D and 3D guided tours describe the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the development of life on Earth. This, together with 60 of the very best quality photographs and references from the Penguin Astronomy Dictionary, make this an essential buy for the Physics classroom, or home user.

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