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Unless you have access to specialised equation-generating software, it is unlikely that your standard DTP package will produce scientific equations for you. Again, TechWriter for RISC OS and MacOS will, and Impression Publisher's co-program, Equasor, will allow equations to be made separately before embedding in your document.

One solution is to leave a space in your page to allow you to hand-write equations in afterwards. This is fine, but it always feels uneccessary - computers should allow you to write how you want to. A better compromise is to make use of the standard +, -, ×, ÷ symbols, and ensure all mathematical terms are bracketed.

e.g. E = (F × l) ÷ (A × e)
note the spaces between symbols and letters

An alternative is to use the underline feature:

e.g. E = (F × l)
(A × e)
drawing in the line by hand afterwards is neater, but frequently forgotten!

However you write equations, make sure they are clear. If they are not, start again or write them by hand.

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