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It is unlikely that your standard software will easily produce scientific equations for you. Again, TechWriter for RISC OS will, and Impression Publisher's co-program, Equasor, will allow equations to be made separately before entering into your document.

One solution is to leave a space in your page to allow you to hand-write equations in afterwards. This is fine, but it always feels uneccessary - computers should allow you to write how you want to. A compromise is to make use of the +, -, ×, ÷ symbols as follows.

e.g. E = (F × l) ÷ (A × e)
note the spaces between symbols and letters

An alternative is to use the underline feature:

e.g. E = (F × l)
(A × e)
drawing in the line by hand afterwards is neater, but frequently forgotten!

Make sure your equations are clear. If they aren't, start again or write them by hand.

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