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A wordprocessor is designed to exactly that; process words. These days, many will also have the ability to import images, but they tend not to do this as well as DTP packages. However, it is still possible to use a wordprocessor to enter your ideas, before sensibly arranging your final report.


  1. Centre headings, and use the bold feature, there is no need to underline.
  2. Increase the text size (or font size).
  3. Make sure there is a line before and after headings.

Paragraph Structure

  1. Full stops sit at the end of the sentence, touching the last word.
  2. Commas sit in a similar fashion (see previous point).
  3. There should only be one space after a comma, but two after a full stop.


  1. Don't indent paragraphs - separate them with a blank line
  2. Leave sensible margins so comments can be made by your assesor.
  3. If you want to move sentences, or entire paragraphs, make sure you cut & paste, rather than copy & paste - which leaves them where they were before!

Spelling & Grammar

The Spell Check facility should always be used, although not relied upon completely. It will help you, but you should always read through your entire report. If you can, get a parent to read it as well.

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