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Here is a collection of books that you can order on-line from Amazon, with brief reviews of each. Additional books appear throughout this site.

The first author I ever read on astronomy was Patrick Moore. His open style provokes questions, increasing your understanding. You will find many of his titles below, together with a number of my other favourite books.

Yearbook of Astronomy

Patrick Moore's detailed bestseller to a year's worth of night-sky viewing. Maps of the night sky, details of when objects are best seen, new equipment being brought into service, and more! The yearbooks can build up to make a fascinating library of your interest in Astronomy.

Order Patrick Moore's 2006 Yearbook of Astronomy TODAY!

BBC: Space

cover photoSpace: Our Final Frontier. The book to accompany the ground-breaking new TV series.

Order Space Today.

Also available: the video.

BBC: The Planets

cover photoMagnificent companion volume to what must be one of the greatest documentaries in the history of television! Eight chapters reveal more details of the race to journey beyond the Earth, and combine with beautiful photographs and a massive expanse of data about the planets.

Order The Planets Today.

Also available: the 8 episode video.

Teach Yourself Astronomy

coverPatrick Moore has introduced astronomy to more people in the UK than any other! Descriptions and diagrams are simple enough not to confuse, yet detailed enough to inspire life-long interest and curiosity for most. A book that will be passed down through the family for years to come. (UK | US)

A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of TimeI am rather embarrassed that I managed not to read this until 2001! However, it was well worth the wait. Stephen gave a lecture in my school in Autumn 2000, and I bought the book just before Christmas. His masterpiece is very clear, yet full of humour, guiding the reader through the world of cosmology. (UK | US)

Also available: the CD ROM.

Universe in a Nutshell

Stephen Hawking's Universe in a NutshellMost people who bought A Brief History of Time found it too hard after the first few chapters. Whilst I didn't, not everyone studies physics for their degree! Nutshell is far more accessible, and the fact that it is illustrated beautifully creates a book for everyone to enjoy. (UK | US)

Top Right ^^

Complete Idiot's Guide to Astronomy

cover photoProviding basic information on the night sky, with step by step explanation of the bodies of the solar system, and beyond. At 448 pages, this represents excellent value, and even gives sound advice on purchasing astronomical equipment. (UK | US)

Astronomy for Dummies

cover photoIncredible book from the popular "... for Dummies" publisher, covering all there is to know about astronomy in one volume. If you have read "Windows for Dummies", or even "Sex for Dummies", this is the book for you! (UK | US).

Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars

cover photoPatrick Moore's essential buy for amateurs who have yet to graduate to a real telescope. His insistance that a good pair of binoculars are far more useful than a small telescope (50 mm objective or smaller) has probably saved many a tear with frustrated teenagers opening their Christmas present to find its use limited to only the moon and planets at best. Worth every penny to really prove how committed an astronomer you really are. (UK | US)

Philip's Atlas of the Universe

cover photoPatrick Moore's essential book, worth every penny. It provides detailed insight into anything any beginner could wish to know about anything anywhere. For the advanced amateur, or even undergraduate, it adds sparkle to ideas that one may have long forgotten. An essential purchase for all.

Order Philip's Atlas of the Universe TODAY!

Data Book of Astronomy

Patrick Moore's essential buy for amateurs and professionals alike with the desire of astronomical facts. If you would like authoritative facts about the planets, stars, galaxies, clusters, and nebulae; together with practical observational tips, this is your book. The history of astronomy, and the origins of the cosmos, and detailed maps of the constellations top off this essential book.

Order The Data Book of Astronomy TODAY!

Last Chance to See...Last Chance to See...

[Douglas Adams, Mark Carwardine] One of the most thought-provoking books on the subject of the surival of endangered species. Douglas's humour is on every page, and yet through his unique style you can feel the desperation of many of the species.

This is a book which the late Douglas Adams wished would change the world's opinion on environmental and ecological issues, but one which many ignored simply because it was not a part of the Hitch Hiker's Trilogy. A tragic mistake: this book is a delight, even if you don't give a Dingo's Kidneys about the environment. (UK | US)

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