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Here is a collection of space-related music that you can order on-line from Amazon, with brief reviews of each. Other music titles appear throughout this site.

Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars TrilogyI first saw this boxed set in a Virgin Records store in Bordeaux, France during the summer of 1994. I had run out of money, and so noted its label, and promised to buy it on my return to the UK. Unfortunately, Virgin UK had no record of it, nor did any other outlet!

A couple of year's later, with the rise of Star Wars prior to its re-release, the boxed set arrived in HMV! An essential purchase, one that I'd wanted for two years, was fulfilled.

Playing these CDs on your stereo for the first time, the thrills that you first felt when seeing the films in the cinema return to you in a big way. In fact, there are so many new tracks in this collection, you even sense the directions in which future Star Wars films could take.

In summary, this is an exceptional box of magic. It is the ultimate collection of the music from Episodes 4-6, and should be bought now before it is withdrawn and replaced by a larger collection that will never quite match the early, pioneering innocence of these soundtracks.

Order the Original Soundtrack Anthology Today!

Also available: VHS video boxed set.

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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Phantom MenaceJohn Williams combines the sparks and glory from the earlier films with the rise of evil in the days before the rise of the Empire. This is the Ultimate Edition, 2 CD set.

Order the Phantom Menace Ultimate Edition Today!

Also available: VHS Video.

Holst: Planets SuiteHolst: The Planets

Terrific recording of this classical dedication to the planets. Excludes Pluto, which was not discovered at the time of composition.

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