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Here is a collection of my favourite space-related videos some of which you can order on-line from Amazon, with brief reviews of each. Other video titles may appear throughout this site.

BBC: Space

coverFantastic new journey into the mysteries that surround us!

Order SPACE today.

Also available as a book.

BBC: The Planets

BBC: The PlanetsThis must be one of the greatest documentaries in the history of television! Eight thrilling programmes bring the solar system to life as never before, revealing the race to journey beyond the Earth. I regularly use this as a classroom video, because it is simply awe inspiring.

Order The Planets today on VHS or DVD.

Also available as a book.

Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars Trilogy Boxed SetThe greatest movies of all time together for the last time as a boxed set triple. If you are waiting for the DVD, don't - Lucas is concentrating on Episodes 2 and 3, so there will be years to wait.

Order the Star Wars Trilogy today on VHS

Also available: the ultimate soundtrack compendium.

Top Right ^^

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Phantom MenaceThe most eagerly-awaited movie of all time, now available on video and DVD. This is one to watch again and again - always fresh.

Order the Phantom Menace Today!

Also available: the magnificent soundtrack.

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